General Lead time can vary depending on the project in hand. In most cases the lead time for standard fabrication is within 10-15 working days. With each project, you will be handed an estimated lead time upon enquiry. Please note that these are approximate and where we do our absolute best to be within that time frame, there can be the rare occasions where it may exceed that timescale, however the customer will be informed immediately.

The order is classed as accepted when confirmation is sent to the customer, which is usually in the form of an invoice. 
Manufacture will only commence when both the FULL Payment & Sign off Form has been received which will only be sent to the customer based on confirmed & clear drawings suitable for manufacture. 

If the finish part manufactured matches the drawing with the sign off, obp Special Ops Ltd. Can not be held liable if the customer has missed something in the initial design. obp Special Ops Ltd. Can only by held accountable if the part fails to meet your requirements or has issues (i.e. Leaks in a fabricated tank). Please be aware that this warranty window lasts for 14 days of receipt.
Please be aware that all items produced by obp Special Ops Ltd. Go through a vigorous QC procedure which include Pressure Testing Fabricated Tanks and dimensional checks. If you require a Certificate of Conformity or Quality Control Inspection Report, please ensure that obp Special Ops are informed of this requirement prior to manufacture.

When manufacturing has commenced, the customer has no right to terminate the order as all items produced by obp Special Ops Ltd. Are custom produced parts to the customers’ requirements.

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